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Master Tshomlee Go - Coach

Tshomlee Go is a taekwondo practitioner from the Philippines. He represented the country in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics

Taekwondo’s inclusion as an Olympic Sport in the 2000 Sydney games, started the rise of the sport’s popularity in national and international arena. Currently, competitions are held for Local, Collegiate, State, National and World Championships.

Due to its popularity as a sport, Team Sparta was created as a supplemental training program for students who desire to learn more or compete in Olympic Style Sparring. Members of Team Sparta come from student’s who participate in our regular classes, and also students from other schools who with the permission of their instructors train with the Team.

Our Team Sparta post workout huddle.

Team Sparta Goals

The goal of Team Sparta is to help develop an appreciation for the sport of Taekwondo.

To teach students to value good sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, perseverance and discipline.

To provide a safe but challenging and supportive training environment.

Provide quality training and experienced coaches. All Team Sparta coaches have competed in the sport and continually keeps up to date with new training methodologies.

Notable Members and Alumnis

A number of Team Sparta members have won in various levels of competition from State up to National Champions.

Here are a few notable members, some are still active and others have retired from competition.

Ryan Arcaina
Major Competition Results:
2011 Jr. Pan Am Championships (Jr. Middle): GOLD
2011 USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Middle)
2011 USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Middle): 1st
2011 USAT Junior Nationals (Jr. Middle): BRONZE
2011 USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Jr. Middle): GOLD
2010 Junior World Championships (Lt. Middle): Round of 32
- lost to Manuel Beloqui Jimenez (ESP), 8-3, in Rd. of 32
2010 U.S. Junior World Team Member (Jr. Lt. Middle)
2010 Junior World Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Middle): 1st
2009 World Junior Championships Open Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Middle): 3rd
2008 USAT Junior Nationals (sparring): SILVER
2006 USAT Junior Nationals (forms): GOLD
2006 USAT Junior Nationals (sparring): GOLD

U.S. Junior Nationals Tournament Results
2012 Dallas: 2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver, and 3 Bronze Medals
2011 San Jose: 4 Gold Medals and 3 Bronze Medals
2013 Tournament Results
San Mateo Qualifier: 9 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, and 4 Bronze Medals
Stanford University: 4 Gold Medals and 3 Bronze Medals
William Connick
Major Competition Results:
2013 – USA Men National Team Trials (Middle): SILVER
2012 – USAT Senior Nationals (Middleweight): GOLD
Kristopher Uy
Major Competition Results:
2012-Current. A member of the Philippine National Team, now trains in Manila. Gold medalist in the 2013 Swiss Open. Gold medalist in the 11th Asean Taekwondo Games.
2011 USAT National Championships (Welter): GOLD
2011 National Collegiate Championships (Welter): SILVER
2009 World University Games (Welter): round of 32
2009 World University Games Team Member (Welter)
2009 World University Games Trials (Welter): 1st
2009 Pan Am University Championships (Welter): GOLD
2009 National Collegiate Championships (Welter): SILVER
2008 U.S. Open (Welter): BRONZE
2008 Des Moines National Qualifier (Welter): GOLD
2007 Junior Team Trials (Lt. Heavy): 2nd
2007 Junior Olympics (Lt. Heavy): GOLD
2007 Fresno National Qualifier (Lt. Heavy): GOLD
2006 Portland National Qualifier (Lt. Heavy): GOLD
2005 Rochester National Qualifier: BRONZE

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